• Creating improved products, processes, formulas, software, techniques

  • Consuming materials in improvement efforts

  • Manufacturing new or improved products

  • Implementing cost reduction initiatives

  • Automating or improving internal manufacturing processes

  • Developing prototypes, first articles, models

  • Designing tools, jigs, fixtures and molds

  • Trying new materials

  • Applying for patents

  • Testing new concepts

  • Integrating new equipment

  • Hiring outside consultants to perform any of the listed activities


Questions To Ask


  • Are you developing new or improved processes? 

  • Are you developing new or improved products? 

  • Are you developing new designs?

  • Are you developing new formulations/techniques?

  • Are you developing prototypes or prototype machines? 

  • Are you using advanced programming to assist in the development of new parts?

  • Are you developing highly automated production lines with a combination of mechanical automation and computerized robotics?

Potentially Qualifying Activities for R&D Tax Credit

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